Made in Germany! The engineering performance makes the difference

"Manufacturing companies operate in a market environment that is changing ever faster and becoming more complex. We have to deal constructively with the resulting dynamics in order to be able to develop future-oriented offers and services," explains Dr. Hadi Saleh, CEO of the CeramTec Group.

CeramTec - Die Keramik Experten has entered into a partnership with the engineering service platform clous GmbH. Manufacturing companies can deposit CAD projects on clous. In this example, clous' technology breaks the projects into several sub-projects for review for manufacturability. Subsequently, these sub-projects are realized by means of the external engineers that clous keeps on hand. The ability to work collaboratively in real time with unlimited resources allows engineering processes to be accelerated significantly. 

In addition, AUCTA contributes its 3D visualization technology so that requested products that are not technically feasible can be further discussed and developed directly with the customer in the browser. 

Engineering services anytime, anywhere!

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