clous is part of the ADAMOS Store

Industry 4.0 (almost) at the push of a button? That would be nice. We thought so too, and that's why we are now available in the ADAMOS Store. 🥳 🚨

What is the ADAMOS Store? Oh yes, just the Appstore counterpart for mechanical and plant engineering, so to speak. The marketplace enables the purchase of industrial apps, and the ADAMOS networking technology enables the use and management of data and apps.

We are listed there with a CAD.Converter. This converts 2D hand-drawn models, for example, into feature-based 3D CAD data and also enables transfer to other 3D formats. That:

✅ Saves you 99% of the time.
✅ 50% of the cost.
✅ Increases efficiency by 8%.

We've been here for just under a week now and what can we say: feels good 😉.

If you want to know what exactly is there at the push of a button, just take a look here:

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